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Rohan and His Fluffy Friend

Rohan and His Fluffy Friend

November 18, 2012 (Sunday) a special day for my son Rohan Kyle, the day he meet two more of his favorite stuff named FLUFFY - as we name it from the tag on its side. A special gift with a very special delivery from the Company President itself Mr. Rex Daryanani at one of the 5-star hotel in Cebu…everything started with my Rohan s special LOVE for his stuff, a gift for him when he was still inside my tummy from one of my colleague in the hotel. He started playing with his FLUFFY when he was 5 months old, actually I already sent it to the province for safekeeping before I gave birth. One day, when we went home for his baptismal I saw him looking at the stuff with a very big smile from there on he would not sleep and travel without it. He even love it more when my schedule was change to night shift, he feels so secure if he is with FLUFFY, he will just hug it all night long, same thing when he was hospitalized a week before he turns one (Nov 5) even if he is in pain or feels hurt everytime they took blood I him seems like everything is okay as long as he is with FLUFFY. We try to look on different mall where we can buy his stuff since it looks so old due to frequent washing but we could not find one. Until one day I have realized that there is a website printed on its tag and lucky enough that it is still readable. Try to search it on the web and found their contact details, I then try sending an email asking for information where can I possibly buy their stuff here in Cebu and hoping that I will receive a positive response…and wish granted when I reached to the hotel few hours after I send the message while checking my inbox saw two messages both from Sir Rex, one is welcoming me to the Club and a reply for my inquiry. I was shocked and so happy, did not expect that he will be the one who will reply my email, he then asked me to send a picture of the stuff lucky enough that I have uploaded one on my FB account and was able to send it to him immediately. We are all hoping that they still have available stocks in their warehouse as he told me that the stuff is an old stock, after few days I then received an email both from Sir Rex and Ms. Glynda that they have found the stuff not just one but two more and send me details where to pick up and since Sir Rex is coming to Cebu to attend an event he then brought the stuff with him. Sir Rex also personally called me to let me know when he is coming to Cebu and that he will give the two FLUFFY to my son for FREE, while talking to him I did not realized that tears already falling down on my face because of too much happiness, a feeling that you are the luckiest person in the whole world that you have meet persons like them who truly cares and values their customer. And also after I have received the first email from Sir Rex I then checked again their website and found testimonies from other parents and that my son has almost the same story with the rest of them. Then Sunday (Nov 18,2012) came, I have meet personally Sir Rex at Radissson Blu Hotel with my son Rohan Kyle and his ninang Wedalyn, he just kept on looking the bag were his two FLUFFY was place…Thank you Sir Rex until we meet again and to Ms. Glynda and the rest of the staff Thank you also for all the help. Excellent Customer Service! God Bless and More Power to Cool Kids!!! In behalf of our son Rohan Kyle, we would like to say THANK YOU once again for all the help and for making my son happy - from Janice B. Sacayan & Roland R. Vergara.

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